What you get

  • Detox yoga video & audio

    Beginner or used to practize yoga, this detox yoga challenge includes 2 different yoga classes - easy & intermediate level - with different meditation and breathing techniques designed to calm your mind & massage your organs.

  • Detox yoga blueprint

    Get your 3-week detox yoga blueprint to keep track of your progress, to organize your meal plans, supplements and yoga classes

  • Learn about detox

    Get to know your body, understand your symptoms and improve your digestion by learning how the digestion system works, which organs do the job and how you can improve your well-being

3-week detox yoga challenge content

  • 02

    Introduction - why detox and what happens in your body?

    • A welcome message from your instructor

    • Health Evaluation Form

    • Daily detox yoga journal

    • 3-week Detox Yoga Daily Blueprint pdf

    • What´s on the menu - My recommendations

    • Detox Food Dictionary

    • What happens during digestion & detox?

    • Why the blood sugar levels are important for health

  • 03

    Detox yoga program - prerequisite explanations

    • What you need to know about Yoga & Detox

    • What is Mula Bhanda and how you perform it

    • How to perform the waves of breaths exercise

    • How to perform Kabalabhati

  • 04

    Detox yoga program - Yoga classes, audios & class descriptions

    • Detox yoga - EASY level - video

    • Detox Yoga - EASY level - audio

    • Detox yoga Easy level class description

    • Intermediate detox yoga video

    • Intermediate detox yoga audio

    • relaxation meditation - audio

  • 05


    • Congrats! You did it....

    • Before you go...

Holistic detox yoga program

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